Do your sunglasses float? Polarized Floating Sunglasses are here!

Floating Sunglasses

Do your sunglasses float?  Whether it's lake season, surf season, beach season or just any excuse to be out in the water; TZ Lifestyle has you covered with our Polarized, UV Protected, Impact Resistant Lenses, Floating Bamboo Sunglasses.  Whew!  Say that five times fast.  

If you are a water sport enthusiast like all of us here at TZ, it's safe to save that at some point or another you have lost your sunglasses to the lake/ocean floor. Maybe it wasn't your sunglasses; maybe it was your watch, your car keys, or bless all of us who had that unfortunate tubing accident that left them swimming in their birthday suit; dreading that moment when the boat comes back around to pick them up.  How will you ever explain this one to your friends?  That's an awkward moment, but it's happened to the best of us.  That said, TZ Lifestyle can certainly help in one of those scenarios:  Floating Bamboo Sunglasses.  If you don't believe us, just ask America's Favorite Bachelor: Ben Higgins.  

Americas Favorite Bachelor: Ben Higgins

At TZ Lifestyle, we originally made a niche for ourselves with our Bottle Opener Wayfarers.  Haha, truthfully, it was more the niche that found us.  Tommy, the owner here at TZ Lifestyle, was living in Hilo, Hawaii at the time and was taking an entrepreneur class at the University of Hawai'i Hilo.  He came up with the idea of bottle opener sunglasses from all of the beach parties that were a regular event in Hawaii.  From there, the rest was history.  

If you are looking for sunglasses/products that have multiple uses, then TZ Lifestyle is the place for you.  We don't want to just make sunglasses like Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, or Blenders Eyewear.    Oh no!  We want to make sure all of our products have a unique multiple use for every day use.  

Multiple uses such as:  Floating Bamboo Sunglasses.  This summer, take your water activities to the next level.  Never lose another pair of sunglasses to bottom of the lake/ocean floor again.  Our sunglasses are rated for Surfing, Wakesurfing, Beach Volleyball, Boating, Yachting, and Sailing to name a few.  Get creative with your floating bamboo sunglasses.  Share your pictures with us on Instagram of how you uniquely use your TZ Lifestyle Floating Bamboo Sunglasses. 

Floating Bamboo Sunglasses | Wayfarers

So next time you hit the water, think twice about your sunglasses choice.  Do you want to sink or do you want to float?  The choice is yours! 



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